Business in the Digital Age: 5 Strategies to Stay Competitive

If new digital technologies, such as interactive websites, social media, smartphones, apps and the cloud, make your head hurt, it’s high time you take action. These tools are transforming the face of business and you can’t assume you can get away with not embracing new technology. In fact, if you don’t make an effort to learn and implement them, you will be way behind the competition. To help your business gain and keep competitive advantage in the digital age, here are some of the best the steps to take:

Create a business website

Think of a website as your virtual storefront through which you can interact with prospective customers online. Since first impressions are crucial, you would want to make sure it looks the way you want your business to be perceived. There are certain design elements that make up an effective site. Unless you know how to integrate them, it’s a good idea to let a professional design your business website.

With our expertise in graphic and web design, we can help you create a site that best represents your enterprise

Draw up a digital marketing scheme

Once you have your business website up and running, you should move on to conceptualising strategies for marketing your products and services online. To help you get started, here are some simple digital marketing strategies that can help your business grow. While you can carry out these tricks by yourself, it doesn’t mean that you should take the lonely road. Consulting with professional marketers, like WickedWeb digital agency , can help you understand how the digital landscape works. They can help you promote brand awareness and engagement online through effective SEO, social media, mobile, email and affiliate marketing tactics. If those terms seem obscure to you, then hiring professionals surely makes sense.

Move files to the cloud

Make document management simple by moving your files to the cloud. The obvious benefit is it allows you to eliminate paper wastes, but you can bet there’s more to it than that. Cloud computing helps you to reduce your spending on IT infrastructure as well as allows you to retrieve and share files no matter where you are. It tears down any walls that prevent geographically dispersed teams from working collaboratively. To begin the transition, you’ll need the help of document scanning and management specialists, like Paper Escape , to set up your files in the cloud. From here on, everything can be plain sailing.

Automate back-office tasks

If you are spending most of your day managing your accounts, training your staff or doing other back-office tasks, you are missing sales opportunities big time. Your time and energy would be better spent on marketing and developing your products and services – they’re actually what rings the cash register. To free up your time without hiring more people, automate tasks. Don’t know where or how to start? You can find help from the following sites

  • – provides intuitive and flexible software that allows you to simplify your bookkeeping and accounting tasks.
  • SiteZulu – allows you to create a website online without the fuss.

Get social

Social media is one of the easiest ways to create brand awareness, promote your products and/or services, build relationships with customers, network with key people, and keep track of the latest happenings in your industry. So, if you don’t already have a business page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other networking sites, it’s time you make one. The great thing about social media is it doesn’t take much of your time, and it’s free for the most part.

Now that you know why these digital technologies are important, the next step is to incorporate them into your business . But that is another story.