3 Elements that will Give Your Business Website the Competitive Edge

So much is happening in the business world these days. From the sudden shift in the economic market to the newest marketing methods, the changes can really be difficult to cope up with at times. Nevertheless, it pays to keep yourself updated about what’s hot and not in business so that you can keep your edge over your competitors.

Online marketing has been very beneficial for many companies. Hence, it’s only fitting that you jump into the bandwagon by creating your own business website. But aside from teaming up with a good web development company, you should also learn about the three basic elements that will help boost your online presence:

    1. Invest in good website design.

Let’s face it, no matter how great your products or contents are, people will judge your website by its looks. Therefore, it’s very important to invest in good web design that reflects your personality as a company and the message that you want to send to your consumers. Studies have shown that most of the corporate sites belonging to the prestigious Fortune 500 have these design elements:

      • A Great Logo – You can never put too much emphasis on how important a good logo is for your company. In fact, if done right, it can indicate, with just one image or word what your company is all about. But aside from having a good design, you should also place your logo in an area where it can easily be seen by your visitors.
      • An Enticing Background – Colours will make your website more visually attractive, but you need to choose the right combinations to create a background that’s enticing yet not too overdone.
      • A Call to Action Button – One of the best ways to get a higher conversion rate for your website is to place your call-to-action button in an area where users can easily see it.
      • A Visible Search Box – Navigability is very important for your business website, which is why you need to have a visible search box so users can easily navigate through your site and find the information or products that they need.
      • A Responsive Design – A big chunk of consumers these days use their mobile phones to search and even buy products, which is why it’s very important to go for a responsive website design.
    1. Invest in search engine optimisation.

A great website will be nothing if it doesn’t get a good spot in search engine results. This is why aside from using a custom Microsoft CRM to evaluate the efficiency of your site, it’s very important to adapt smart SEO strategies. While you may think that optimising your website involves a set of complicated steps, you just actually need to find the right tools and learn the basics to make sure that you’re creating good quality content that will easily be noticed by search engines.

    1. Tap into social media.

Social media continues to dominate the web these days, which means that utilising sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn will give you good exposure. It makes communicating with your consumers a lot easier and more cost-efficient, since most of these sites offer free accounts. You just need to choose where to be on social media to increase your brand’s exposure.

Of course, your responsibility doesn’t end after you’ve created your website, because you need to keep track of it constantly. You can use a custom Microsoft CRM and other tools that will help make this task easier to do.

Indeed, technology offers a lot of opportunities to not only boost your website’s online presence, but also to help you manage your business smoothly. From good SharePoint Microsoft software to SEO, you can take advantage of so many things to give your company that competitive edge.