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LK Design: Mighty Mix Dog Food Packaging Design

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Mighty Mix Dog food was looking to move away from their original screenprinted 2 colour bags to full colour. Nourish, Family, Large and Frozen Concentrate are some examples of the packaging done. other product design has been worked on with Mighty Mix such as banner design, corflute and sample bags

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LK Design: Web Design Tutorials

If you are interested in increasing your position on google search you will need Web Design with strong SEO view some of our Video Tutorials Search Engine Optimization Tips here

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LK Design Rebrand

Rebranding to LK Design or (LKD) has now been made official with car signage applied yesterday. Focusing on offering our customers even better website themes and offering printing services.

Websites Galore

LK Design: campbell minidig web design

Campbell Minidig

After bad previous experiences with another source of web advertising, the client asked for a website with their general information and as well a new logo.

LK Design: doug algie autos web design

Doug Algie Autos

Upon taking charge of Doug Algie Autos Andrew Denise came in with a mission to market the already successful business with a website and advertising. A easy template which allows him to upload thing himself.

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The Backroad Blog

The Backroad Blog is a fashion/travel blog following Kate around the world showing off her beautiful woollen garment and her smile.